Traveller’s Quandary..taking the road less travelled by..

As you trod along traveller’s lane you inevitably tumble upon that fork in the trail. A philosphical quandary…as old as the time since humans set out to explore and be amazed.

Whether to set out alone with your thoughts and let the world be be your companion, have the freedom to set your own course, find your own space in the midst of strangers. Or to enrich the experience with the best pals, indulge in shared passions, enjoy those unforgettable moments together. It is generally only the impassioned explorers who set out on their

There is a case for both types of travel, it’s never a case of black and white. It wasn’t the prerogative or objective of this blog post to pass judgement on it. I for one had always travelled in good company and had the best of times. And this has left me craving for much more. Always having been obliged with travel companions never felt or found the need to take the uncharted path. Until recently that is.

When a friend decided to back out inexplicably leaving me in a bit of lurch I was eventually saddled with the choice of being a solo traveler. Thus the unlikely destinations of Hong Kong and Macau in what was just a brief but jam-packed “stopover” turned out be the fork, when I took the road less travelled by…

Hong Kong and Macau jaunt turned out to be a chaotic mix of skylines and adventures, history and heritage. In sum it was a cherished experience with all the charms of first time solo travelling and pleasure of free exploration. But it certainly hasn’t made me abandon travel in good company by any means.

So when will I go back to solo travel again..I do not know. 🙂


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