The Anfield Dream

So there I was towards the end of a UK trip filled with wonderful memories spent in the company of good friends, seated on an early morning train from Chester to Liverpool Lime Station. A journey that began much before I boarded that 8 am train…before I took that Air France flight to Heathrow from Lagos…

A football fan who used to thoroughly enjoy the World Cup spectacle every 4 years got into watching the EPL and UCL football matches in early 2000s and started following that team in Red. Thus formed a bond, in retrospect ironically, over the support for their young pacy striker who went onto play for our bitter rivals. A bond that was forged for all time during that incredible Champions League campaign that culminated in the greatest ever comeback in Istanbul  on the 25th of May.

For the better part of a decade that football club thousands of miles of away has been the most consistent presence through the troughs and peaks in my life. Whatever happened there was always a football match to look forward to at the end of each week.

So this was very much landmark moment in my journey as a fan of football and Liverpool FC. It was no wonder that, as my friend who accompanied me noted, there was a spring in my step and the never-smile-at-the-camera visage of mine had a perpetual grin for much of the day.

Cant stop smiling!

Cant stop smiling!

The day was very much dedicated to Liverpool Football Club with a stadium and museum tour in the morning where the highlights were being able to touch the legendary “This is Anfield” sign and to be able to take a pic holding the replica of the Champions League trophy!

This is Anfield    We won it 5 times!!

The event of the day though was to be in that hallowed ground for Sunday afternoon kick-off against West Ham. In terms of performance and result this match was possibly a shade behind Liverpool’s away victory against Aston Villa which I was privileged to watch at Villa Park the previous weekend. But no matter how many videos you watch, nothing prepares you for the atmosphere when the whole of Anfield echoes to “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in unison. An electrifying experience that makes you want to come back forever more!


All in all the stuff of dreams…but sadly the end of another trip that as always leaves you longing for more!


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