Melbourne Street Art Feature 2: Laneways

The last post just covered the tip of the iceberg that is the Melbourne street art graffiti scene. The laneways walking tour I took guided by LP itself had quite street art sites to highlight.

Union Lane: Connecting shopping end of Collins St and Little Collins St it is an unlikely street art site among a city full of unlikely street sites.

Street-art covered Union Lane

Street-art covered Union Lane

Duckboard Place: Back in Flinders Lane closeby to street art centre you come across which is another horse-shoeing street art site.


AC/DC Lane: At the end of Duckboard Place take a U-turn and you end up on AC/DC Lane the site of Cherry Bar and quite appropriate street art landmark.


Now that your on Flinders Lane within spitting distance within spitting distance, why not head back to Hosier and Rutledge Lane!?!

Hosier and Rutledge Lane: Because these are not just the densest collection of street art in the world but among the most ephemeral art you will ever see. Even a Banksy does not last for long in these laneways. And just like I thought my second visit unveiled new art work and some that were still a work in progress. Here are some frames I captured evading the usual tourist throngs and even some photoshoots that were going on.

IMG_6832 IMG_6835 IMG_6840 IMG_6837

And the WIP




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