Why Without Destination?

Over time I have been inundated with queries on how I came to this name for the blog. Just kidding..nobody has bothered to ask. However in anticipation of such future queries….hahaha..well just for the heck of it I decided to jot down the story behind the name nonetheless.

It was a rather obvious enough name that was one of the options that was circulating in my head years ago as an option for a personal blog of mine. I think during a bout of random googling of the term “without destination” I chanced upon the song and lyrics by Dakrya for a track with same title. While the music did not impress me much I was blown away by the lyrics (1st 2 paragraphs especially) which just connected with me. The sense of being lost and without purpose struck a chord in me and so when I finally got around to travel blogging didnt need to look for a name!

Anyway, so here is the song. You folks decide of it worthiness. But the lyrics sure is worth a read!

“I follow the tracks of a mystery,
A mystery that has no answer…
I walk a path without destination,
A hinded light is leading me…

I do not know where this ends
But I cannot wait to see the end…
I do not know what I’m seeking for
But I cannot wait to find the way!”


One response to “Why Without Destination?

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